A distinctive home daycare in The Beach that provides an immense amount of love along with the freedom to explore childhood as it should be explored.

Exploring Nature


I provide a few local families with a personalized caregiving experience tailored to their needs. Offering full-time positions within the heart of The Beach, children are cared for in a bright, clean and well maintained home environment. By keeping numbers small, I'm able to incorporate classes as well as outings as part of the childcare experience.


I approach childcare with the perspective that our world is a place for children to explore and enjoy without too much structure. We have both busy scheduled days and lazy unscheduled days during which time I fill their early years with a wide variety of experiences that are so valuable to growing minds.


Education takes place daily in everything we do, where I promote learning through hands on play and discovery combined with conversations about the activities taking place. I like the freedom to pick activities and outings based on the season, weather, and what is of particular interest to them at that point in their childhood


I believe kids should be able to grow and develop at their own pace throughout which time I help build their confidence, interests and abilities. I prefer not to rush children into achieving adult determined milestones and avoid using societal expectations as a guideline for this. As such, I take a consciously relaxed approach to growth and development, whereby children determine the pace at which they grow.


In a world filled with masks and isolation, the care your child receives on a daily basis should not include any of this. My small home daycare becomes part of your social circle, where the children receive warm and nurturing (mask-free) attention just as they would at home. Hugs and kisses should be part of every child's upbringing and they will find an abundance of that here.


I develop deep bonds with children I care for and aim to find families who will continue with my care from infancy until school starts. As such, I only accept families who share in my fundamental philosophies and live in close proximity to encourage long term relationships that will last a lifetime.


A super fun, friendly and caring nanny, Jeff was always thinking of new activities to do with our daughter and provided regular updates to give us insight on everything they had been up. Our daughter thrived under his care and I highly recommend him as a nanny.

Lindsey T.

Jeff provided excellent care for our daughters. He has such a positive energy and was always eager to get out on adventures while also adapting to their needs if they needed a day of calm. It was such a worry-free transition and our children quickly connected with him.

Kimiko P.

Together they went on outings, cooked, baked, crafted and painted while adapting to their changing needs, schedules and appetites. He gave them the extra love they wouldn't have received in a larger, group setting. We all LOVE Jeff and still trust him with our kids!

Phuong J.

Jeff provides an outstanding experience for the children in his care. Jeff is widely recognized by parents in the community; so much so that we became known as the parents of children he cared for! He was far more than we ever expected out of a nanny for our daughters.

Greg J.



Previously a software entrepreneur, I grew into the roll of primary caregiver after our first daughter was born in 2008. Shortly thereafter I began providing childcare quite by happenstance, when our neighbour needed some temporary care for her daughter. When this little one left six months later, I realized I had fallen in love with caring for kids and haven't looked back since.

A loving, patient and compassionate male caregiver, I've now provided childcare for ten children and eight families over the course of being at home with our own kids. Fun and energetic, I look forward to each and every day I get to spend with the little ones in my care. I feel truly fortunate to have stumbled upon a career that brings me such joy, and I'm looking forward to helping raise many more children in the years to come.

If you like the idea of a down-to-earth and adventurous childhood for your kids, we would likely work well together!



Choosing the right childcare solution for your family clearly takes more than just perusing a website. Please feel free to reach out with inquiries and I'll be able to address all of the nuances of my care so that we can determine if I'm the right fit for your child.

I attempt to reply within several days, but as of late my response time is closer to a week. Please keep an eye on your spam/junk folder, as replies to form entries oftentimes end up in there.

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